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The growth of cloud infrastructure has led to the development of “Data Center Alley” in Loudoun County, Virginia. More than 70% of all internet traffic flows through the area every day – an astounding number, considering the world population is only 4 billion. That means that the traffic flowing through the region reaches 700 terabytes per second, according to Cisco. That is an incredible amount of data, and data centers are growing at a rapid pace.

The first major project to create new data centers in Loudoun County occurred in 1996. The company built the Data Center Alley campus as a demonstration project. In 2001, it purchased three4.5 acres near the city’s downtown core, a parcel that has seen a steep rise in value. This deal spurred the development of a largely untapped development site in Ashburn. Currently, over 100 data centers have been constructed in the area.

Today, this part of the city has over 100 data centers. These facilities house everything from software to hardware. Many companies now operate out of the buildings. In the past, these buildings have been used by banks and corporations to house their networks. As more organizations recognized the value of interconnected infrastructure, demand for space in the Data Center Alley rose exponentially. In 1997, nearly half of the world’s internet traffic passed through this lane of growth.

By 2020, there will be more than 12 million square feet of commissioned data centers and 800 megawatts of power. As the number of companies that use the internet grew, the demand for space in the Data Center Alley continued to rise. In fact, half of the world’s traffic will be moving through this corridor by then. It is no wonder that Loudoun County is home to more than one hundred data centers.

The growth of data centers in Northern Virginia can be traced to several factors. The first is the presence of large companies, which need space to keep their systems running. The second factor is the availability of skilled labor. The demand for such services is growing exponentially, and there is a growing demand for skilled workers. This industry is also spreading geographically. Because of the high demand for these services, it is crucial to ensure that the area has ample space for data center businesses.

The growth of the internet industry has led to the development of new data centers in Northern Virginia. While Silicon Valley is the hub for technology companies, Northern Virginia is becoming the internet capital of the world. This trend is continuing to grow, as developers are building taller data centers and buying up existing buildings. Regardless of the location of your data center, you’ll be able to find a place that has plenty of space. By investing in the area, you will not only have access to the best resources in the country, but the ability to locate the highest-tech business in the world.


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